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We’re getting goosebumps!


t402v is finally in pre-production testing phase. We’re excited because this unit is pretty much the real deal. No “prototype” components. So far, the headphone is meeting our expectations. But now is where the hard part begins -creating instructions and test procedures for production so you guys will have quality product to enjoy your music for years to come.

How to Insert Comply Foam Tips on Your Earphones


Confused on how to put on your new Comply Foam Premium Earphone tips? Look no further! This video explains every step on how to get these bad boys on to your favorite pair of earphones.

Bio-Cell Diaphragm? What’s that?


Speakers on both of the upcoming headphones use Bio-Cell diaphragm -which is short for Microbial Cellulose. The process to make the speaker diaphragm using this material is extremely complicated and costly but it’s unparalleled in acoustic performance due to the high velocity coupled with near ridiculous dynamics. We have to admit, this stuff is freakishly weird! Used in variety of industries from medical to electronics, this material is more commonly (to us) used on matrix of OLED displays. Once you hear t096z and t402v headphones with this new proprietary driver, you’ll agree that’s it’s worth every penny.

It’s starting!


We’re preparing all the necessary component to produce our flagship. t096z will feature all 6 TorqueValves. And exclusively on the t096z, TorqueValet for Balanced, Smooth, and Bliss Valves.